This game is my pride and joy. While still a work in progress, the Waffle Cats team is committed to releasing it on the iOS and Android app stores. Players take control of a cat and try to collect as many waffles as they can in both single player and multiplayer modes I handled the programming and level design for the game. I also made a few of the player skins. I worked with Nick Flores and Yi Ding. We built the game using the Unity Game Enginer.

You can check out the game and download the concept demo here.

A website I built for my Web Programming course. It allows students at Tufts University to rate the food options in both Carmichael and Dewick-Macphie dining halls. By comparing the cumulative scores for each dining hall, students can make a better selection of where to eat. I was the front-end lead on the team, which also included Elizabeth Lanzilla, Luke Machamer, Derick Yang, and Tommy Tang.

You can check it out here.

The first game I made for my Game Development course. It's a top down vehicle-shooter, where you play as a rogue hacker attempting take down enemies within the virtual realm of computers. By collecting a variety of weapons and items, players can surpass all obstacles in their way. I designed the weapons systems and implemented the character sprites for the game. I worked with Nick Flores and Yi Ding. We wrote the game using the JavaScript framework Phaser.

You can play it here.